The e-Jobs Observatory participates at the 2012 European Employment Forum

On 27/28 November 2012, the e-Jobs Observatory will participate for the first time in the European Employment Forum in Brussels.

Businesses, social partners, government and EU policy makers, as well as individual professionals from across the EU and beyond, will gather in the European capital to explore ways that will boost the employability of the European labourforce and pave the way out of the recession. 
Visitors will have the opportunity to participate in conference sessions, exhibitor sessions and focus groups, allowing in depth conversations on topics which focused on the efforts at regional, national and European level to alleviate unemployment and current social problems.
Representatives of the e-Jobs Observatory will present the role of internet-related skills and competences and call on the need to reduce the e-skills gap by developing training courses that meet ICT labour market requirements.
Ed Mahood, Chairman, will participate in the conference session “Austerity and jobs: impacts and alternative approaches”.
Philippe Wacker, Director, will lead the discussion forum session “Seizing the opportunity of e-Jobs”.
Adriana Baer, Project Coordinator, will showcase the e-Jobs Observatory, during the Exhibition presentation “Fighting e-skills shortages and unemployment: the e-jobs Observatory”.

Fairtrad is now supporting e-Jobs Observatory initiative!

Fairtrad is a committed agency offering high-level translation and interpretation services and applying fair economy principles: transparency, equity, respect for the environment, and social responsibility.
As a Language Service provider, Fairtrad offer translation and interpretation services in all languages combinations and in all domains. Regarding e-jobs, we offer SEO and localization services.
« Fairtrad decides to support the e-Jobs Observatory initiative to communicate on localization and create awareness about this specialization involving language and technical skills, which I believe will be more and more present among industries (medical and mobile devices, Internet and web, interactive supports…), and to help users recognize professionals. » Stéphanie Donatantonio, Fairtrad.
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I.I.E.K. AKMH is now labeled by e-Jobs Observatory

The aim of Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΑΚΜH is to provide any type of vocational training (initial or complementary), in order to ensure that our trainees are well qualified, not only by providing them scientific, technical, professional and practical knowledge but also enabling them to develop their respective skills in order to facilitate their vocational integration in society and to ensure a smooth adaptation to the changing needs of the production process.
Services of I.I.E.K. AKMH
Our core mission is to provide high quality training services in high market demand developing areas aiming to the vocational rehabilitation of our students. 
We strictly follow our corporate strategy, dictating that the combination of a high level of education, continuing education and training, as well as awareness of real competition in the labor market, is the « magic » recipe for personal and professional success of our graduates.
In  Ι.Ι.Ε.Κ. ΑΚΜH a student will have the opportunity to study alongside most eminent scientists and renowned professionals of all disciplines who are the team of teachers per subject area. Teachers are either owned by the regular teaching force, or invited as lecturers / speakers in educational seminar courses belong in the top of the Greek educational community and the labor market, and aim to share their extensive experience and valuable knowledge by offering students the best possible level of knowledge and training.
The Label of e-Jobs Observatory
Nowadays it is necessary to systematically monitor and improve the provision of education services. This label is important to us because we will:
  • Improve the effectiveness of educational service provided
  • Enhance the credibility of the organization to provide high quality service
  • Improve the image of the organization
  • Create a competitive advantage