Action plan for doubling the volume of e-commerce in Europe by 2015

The Commission has adopted a Communication presenting 16 targeted initiatives aiming to boost e-commerce from its current levels of 3.4% of total retail sales  to 7% by 2015. The plan places emphasis on strengthening a single harmonized framework for e-commerce and other commercial online services and proposes an action plan to remove  five main obstacles to the Digital Single Market:

– the supply of legal, cross-border online services is still inadequate;
– there is not enough information for online service operators or protection for internet users;
– payment and delivery systems are still inadequate;
– there are too many cases of abuse and disputes that are difficult to settle;
– insufficient use is made of high-speed communication networks and hi-tech solutions.

To face up this reality new competences and skills will be needed for e-Commerce related jobs.

What are the main future jobs in the e-commerce field? Comment below!