Skills shortage in the digital content and technology sector in Ireland

Dr Stephen Brennan, director of marketing and strategy at the Digital Hub, said at a skills seminar that jobseekers don’t demonstrate the soft skills needed in the digital content and technology sector.
Dr Brennan noted that “Everyone in the digital content and technology sector knows there’s a skills shortage in Ireland, with 2,500 unfilled jobs as a result. A major problem is we’re not producing enough graduates with the types of skills needed by enterprises in this sector,”. Regarding academic qualifications and technical expertise, he added that « The required skills-sets aren’t just based on academic qualifications and technical expertise. Employers are also looking for people who demonstrate creativity, flexibility, self-motivation and strong communications skills. The digital sector is generating new types of jobs in an emerging marketplace. And jobseekers must respond accordingly ».Brennan also mentioned a number of mistakes commonly made by jobseekers such as not including links to their online profiles on their CVs, not saying why they want to work for that business in particular, or not highlighting their relevant experience. « If you’re applying for a position in computer gaming, software development or animation, one of the first things the business-owner wants to see is samples of your existing work. So post a show-reel online and include a link to it in your CV » said Dr Brennan. (Source Siliconrepublic)

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