e-Leadership for SMEs

On 20 November, the 4th Expert Workshop on e-Leadership for SMEs was held in Brüssel. Over thirty participants were informed regarding the results of the analytical study conducted by empirica as well as five innovative programmes developed by several European universities which were designed specifically to meet the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises. The event was hosted by PIN-SME and moderated by Werner Korte from empirica.

The keynote talk was given by Matt Flanagan, Managing Director at BlueHub IT Consultants, a UK-based SME. He provided the participants with a number of valuable insights into the staffing and recruiting issues facing a fast-growing service company in the IT sector.

The programme demonstrations covered a wide range of education and training offerings. Andrea Carugati from Aarhus University presented a four-track/four-day program aimed at partner management, social media marketing, business analystics and managing growth. Kecheng Liu from the Henley Business School presented their five-day programme on leading one’s company to high-performance growth. A one-day course in didital innovation was presented by Silvia Leal and Jose Esteves from the IE business school. Valentina Ivanova from the New Bulgarian University demonstrated a complete series of e-leadership courses that could be mixed and matched with other offerings. Finally, Steven de Haes from the Antwerp School of Management showed how they are integrating coaching into their executive-management programme have developed a Digital Leadership Chair to promote a peer-to-peer learning platform. All programs have been or will soon be piloted. More results will follow.

The workshop was organised as part of the service contract « e-Leadership Skills for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (LEAD) » which as launched by the European Commission DG ENTR. LEAD is contributing to the « Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs » and as a contribution to the follow-up of the Commission’s Communication on « e-Skills for the 21st Century ». Further information can be found on the e-Leadership website.