Shut down or restart?: The way forward for computing in UK schools

The report « Shut down or restart?: The way forward for computing in UK schools » is the outcome of the project « Computing in schools » initiated by the Royal Society in August 2010. The project looked at the way that computing is taught in schools, with support from 24 organisations from across the computing community including learned societies, professional bodies, universities, and industry.

The main findings and recommendations of the project are:
1. The current delivery of Computing education in many UK schools is highly unsatisfactory
2. There is a need to improve understanding in schools of the nature and scope of Computing.
3. Every child should have the opportunity to learn Computing at school, including exposure to Computer Science as a rigorous academic discipline.
4. There is a need for qualifications in aspects of Computing that are accessible at school level but are not currently taught.
5. There is a need for augmentation and coordination of current Enhancement and Enrichment activities to support the study of Computing.
6. Uptake of Computing A-level is hindered by
lack of demand from higher education institutions.

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