CEN Workshop on ICT Skills releases « Interim Report on e-CF into SMEs »

The CEN Workshop on ICT Skills released an Interim Report in the framework of a project focusing on implementing the European e-Competence Framework (eCF) into ICT SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises).

The targeted project outcomes are as follows:
1. A proposal for adapting the eCF according to SME requirements.
2. An easy tool for e-competence needs analysis within SMEs based on the eCF.
3. An initial chart connecting ICT SMEs’ e-competences to e-certifications available on the market (both proprietary and open source), based on the e-CERT mapping method (i.e. the CWA on e-Certification).

The Interim Report is circulated for comments, specifically from the ICT SME community. EMF – The Forum of e-Excellence, which represents SMEs within the Workshop, would appreciate any comments that it could relay to the Workshop.

Professional e-Competence – CEPIS Self-assessment Tool

This online tool is based upon the European e-Competence Framework (eCF). It allows IT professionals to assess their competences in view of their dominant profile (e.g. IT Manager, IT Project Manager, Business Analyst, IT Systems Architect, Software Developer, etc.). The survey generates a personal competence profile providing feedback with regard to competencies that should be developed and competencies that are possessed in greater depth than required. It takes about 15 minutes to complete. It can be recommended as a useful self-assessment tool.

Your help is needed on prospective needs and job requirements for Internet-related jobs

The e-Jobs Observatory, a new initiative of the PIN project backed by an increasing number of organisations throughout Europe, has started working on improving the quality of education and training programmes for internet-related jobs. The partners are currently trying to assess the needs of companies active in the sector. YOUR HELP is crucial to provide adequate information about YOUR needs and requirements. PLEASE RESPOND to the e-Jobs Observatory’s questionnaire.

Respondents will be kept informed of the findings and will be invited to a series of round-table events to be organised by the e-Jobs Observatory in 2011 to discuss the subject with representatives of all stakeholders: employers, education & training institutions, public authorities. The aim is to make sure that adequate measures are taken to address the e-Skills gap, which has been identified as one of the most important challenges for the Internet / ICT sector in the coming years.