Results of the 2nd Polish roundtable

The 2nd Polish roundtable meeting within the ProInterNet Project, organized by the Wroclaw University of Economics (WUE), was held on the 04th of June 2012.
The meeting was attended mainly by representatives of training companies, as well as ICT companies and educational institutions. As many as 18 people gathered and discussed the topics from the agenda.
To see the results on:
1. e-Jobs Observatory platform development
2. e-Jobs Profiles description
3. Training Guidelines
4. Standardization principles – labelization & certification process

Pixelgyar has been labeled by the e-Jobs Observatory platform

Pixelgyar Ltd. is composed of a team of designers and developers focused on Facebook marketing, mobile apps and web design. The Webdesign courses started 2011 january and it is evolving every month.  
Pixelgyar is certificated, gives quality courses, and actives e-professional networks.

All the labeled companies and training institutions
Why should I get the label of the e-Jobs Observatory platform ?

Get the e-Jobs Observatory Seal of Market Compliance and Certificate for your Internet-related training courses

The e-Jobs Observatory offers the opportunity to Internet-related training providers to have their training courses certified in accordance with labour market-oriented job profiles. By offering certified training modules a training organisation is assured of providing quality training that will help trainees obtain relevant positions in industry.

The Seal of Market Compliance is an attestation to the quality of the training unit and its conformance to actual needs of the Internet-related jobs market. It certifies that the unit meets all the formal requirements set forth in the e-Jobs Observatory Training Guidelines. It may be used by the receiving organisation to market and promote this particular training product.

CERT-IT a new partner of the e-Jobs Observatory network

CERT-IT, the German accredited certifier in the area of IT and Education has recently joined the e-Jobs Observatory network by supporting the e-Jobs Observatory platform. CERT-IT appear now in the « about » section of the site together with other supporters and will participate in the restricted collaborative working groups of e-Jobs supporters.

If you are interested in supporting e-Jobs please fill in the form.