engAGEnt strongly represented at Köln’s Education Fair 2014

Within the framework of the Cologne Education Fair 2014, engAGEnt partners had a strong representation: A stand with informative material of the outcome of the engAGEnt project including permanent staff at the stand that gave advice to interested visitors. On Sunday, a sessions on « New professional perspectives in AAL » was given by Ed Mahood (DEKRA) and Dirk Sommermeyer (iAQ) in front of an interested audience.

Successful AAL Consultant Pilot Trainings organized by Wifi in Austria

The pilot training was conducted in Austria on June 12th and 13th, 2014.  Qualified health care workers and nurses in nursing home facilities, a coordinator of regional home health care, teaching staff from the health and medical care branch, an occupational therapist with college degree in Health Assistance Engineering and an education manager from the health field at WIFI Austria were invited to discuss the developed training programme.   
On the first day the curriculum of the project management team engAGEnt was introduced and the second day was spent by holding intensive discussions, gathering feedback and compiling suggestions. 
It became quite evident that in the Austrian health care branch, attention is already being focused upon ambient assisted living.  It does however, lack knowledge and information regarding:
1) Technical Innovation 
• Future course studies should therefore also allow for haptic/manual practice. 
• The focus should lie on future developments;  prospects for the future, innovation, and  recent developments need to be depicted – what currently exists is already known. 
2) Financing 
• What are the financial implications of things such as the implementation of AAL in public institutions (such as hospitals), other laws, policies and procurement?
• Which kind of funding and subsidy opportunities are available for the implementation of AAL measures in nursing home facilites? 
The results of the pilot training in Austria show that a great interest exists in AAL topics, evidenced by the increasing demand for the funding of AAL measures. At the same time however,  the discussions indicated that the target group for new AAL training programmes in Austria have to be reconsidered. In addition, it is necessary that these fields of activity be clearly defined, due to the rising opportunity currently being found in construction, trade and in safety & security consulting in new and renovated buildings. 
WIFI International has interest in using the content for its own WIFI product development. In order to be able to offer a suitable and market-relevant training program to a specific target group, the feedback from the participants was very helpful. It will contribute significantly to further development.

Become an AAL Consultant by participating in a training course in France

Maison de la Promotion Sociale, a Silver Economy stakeholder, organises a training course for care givers the last week of August in Bordeaux. The course aims at upskilling participants on the provision of technical support to elderly and disable persons through the use of new technologies. 
The course will be interactive, using Flipped technology, where concrete cases will be analysed. Via group activities supported by an animator, participants will get more knowledge on how they can support their patients.
Basical internet skills are needed. 
For more information, contact : f.adoue@mps-aquitaine.org

Successful AAL Consultant Pilot Trainings organized by the Hellenic Open University in Greece

The Hellenic Open University (HOU) through the Educational Content Methodology & Technology Laboratory (e-CoMeT Lab, http://eeyem.eap.gr) organized successfully a short-term pilot training program within the context of the European Project Transfer of Innovation – Leonardo da Vinci, entitled  » EngAGEnt : Development and validation of a curriculum for vocational AAL education ».

The short- term training was held on 30-31/5/2014 and 01/06/2014 and 5-7/6/2014, at the premises of Hellenic Open University in Patras, Greece. The graduate students and professionals who attended the pilot training were coming from the fields of Health Sciences and Computing.  
The first part of the training concerned ”Project Management” and was held in Greek by Prof. Dr. Panos Fitsilis, Director of The School of Business and Economics, Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly. The module aimed at introducing Project Management principles, as well as PM Standards, PM Lifecycle and PM Requirements, Management and Scope Management. Moreover, PM skills such as negotiation and leadership were highlighted and skills group exercises were conducted by the participants, so as to be aware of the differences between their individual skills.
The second part of the training was devoted to “Technical Assistance Systems” and was held in English by Dr. Dirk Sommermeyer, Institute for Assistance Systems and Qualification, in Germany. The module concerned the presentation of Technical assistance systems and needed Technical Infrastructure at the AAL field, Health Monitoring Systems and Security/safety – Technical Solutions. 
The students worked in groups and evaluated the overall training very positively. Eight (8) participants successfully attended the program and got the relevant certification.

Successful AAL Consultant Pilot Trainings organized by iAQ in Germany

In order to face the upcoming challenges in relation to the demographic change, technologies and concepts of Ambient Assistant Living (AAL) have been developed. To improve the quality of life of older people, technological assistance systems are used. 

The European project engAGEnt, co-funded by the EU commission, developed a harmonised European curriculum based on the principles of ECVET which will qualify professionals for the profession of an AAL Consultant. 
In March and April 2014, pilot trainings were conducted in Regensburg, Germany. As an introduction to the topic of AAL and « social interaction », an online seminar was conducted on March, 31st. On April 11th and 12th two classroom seminars were held on the topics of « health monitoring » and « safety technology in the home environment ». In addition to methods for the analysis of individual needs and circumstances, the participants received practical insights into the possibilities of technical assistance systems by means of examples and concrete situations. Using case studies, the participants developed technical solution scenarios and discussed ethical and privacy related aspects. A total of 18 people participated in this course. The feedback from the participants on the structure and content of the course were positive.
The completion of the project will take place in September at the 15th “Kölner Weiterbildungsmesse”. The project team will present the ECVET based, European curriculum of an AAL Consultant.

An AAL solution has been awarded as 1 of the 10 most innovative worldwide

The « Compagnon digital » (Digital Companion) is a touch screen with a thousand functions, especially for the elderly. This innovation launched by the Belgian start-up « CareSquare » has been awarded by the Netexplo Forum. Each year, the global observatory of digital innovation awards 10 projects that are the most promising and innovative. 

The « Digital Companion » was designed to extend and enhance the independence of the elderly and home care. It allows medical monitoring of patients suffering from certain diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or pulmonary disease.

Video in French:


More information.

ADvanced monitoring serVices of Elder via sensor NeTworks (ADVENT)

ADVENT is a project funded under the action “Cooperation 2011 – Productive and research institutions’ partnerships in targeted research and technology domains”, of the National Strategic Reference Framework 2007-2013, Greece

It focuses on the area of Personal Health Systems, in the field of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), where it proposes a novel platform to support the provision of a comfortable and safe environment for daily living of elders, while retaining their mobility and independency. This will be achieved through advanced technologies in various research fields that will be integrated in a specially designed platform, in order to facilitate the provision of a coherent set of personalized services. 

The main objectives of ADVENT are to develop and implement the ADVENT platform, as well as a series of health-related and general purpose assistive services. An ultimate objective is the creation of the proper conditions to assist elderly people to carry out their daily activities with improved security, confidence and efficiency. ADVENT will deploy a system architecture for real-time data acquisition from heterogeneous sources: bio-sensors, sensing devices providing context data (e.g. location) and user profiles providing personal data enriched with context-related information. These data will be properly processed to produce medical knowledge for decision support purposes and facilitate personalized service delivery. 
ADVENT will develop a prototype product to provide automated assistance to the elderly at home, targeting a market that promises to grow as people live longer. The technologies utilized within ADVENT will produce a prototype modular package, with interfaces that will be very easy to use, integrated with hardware and software components that will encompass 2nd and 3rd generation telecare. The package will be embedded in a holistic service concept, targeting the actual needs of the elders’ independent living and it will be tested and evaluated in real-world contexts.

Major AAL event in Paris May 16th

The « Nuit du Grand Age et du Bien Vieillir » is an event (Forum+Trade show) will take place in Paris Casino on May 16th.
This event is placed under the aegis of the Solidarity and Elderly French minister Michèle Delaunay and will present in a Forum/Exposition the last technological developments to support autonomy for elderly and for people with limited autonomy.
Awards will also be given to support the best products and services devoted to Ambient Assisted Living followed by a networking cocktail.
This event has also to be placed in parallel with the creation of a french professional organisation to support the development of Silver Economy in France ASIPAG

CompAAL was presented at the eVITA Hungarian Technology Platform

The ICT Association of Hungary (IVSZ) took part in the event of the eVITA Hungarian technology Platform on 25 April 2013, in Budapest. eVITA platform focuses on Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) related technologies and aims at bringing together stakeholders to discuss relevant topics and cooperate, in order to facilitate the dissemination of AAL research results.

Participants had the chance to attend three
presentations. Mr Sándor Oroján, expert of IVSZ responsible for
vocational activities introduced the participants to the background of the
CompAAL project as well as to its first results, i.e. fiveJob Role Profiles.

Mr Zoltán Havasi, CEO of MOHAnet Plc,
introduced the participants to the most important AAL related developments of
the company and emphasised that the daily usage of these products require
additional knowledge from the users and maintainers. Therefore, vocational
training is key in this field.  

Within the framework of the third presentation, Mr Loránd Vajda,
representative of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics,
presented to the participants the current results of the CVN project (ConnectedVitality
– The Personal Telepresence Network), funded by the AAL Programme. Mr Vajda stressed
that Yooom, a solution that links groups of senior citizens into a video
communication network, enabling them to choose the activity as well as levels
of social interaction according to their individual needs, abilities and
lifestyle, might become a popular tool for elderly persons for keeping contact
with their loved ones also in case of bigger distances.

Discussions were mainly targeted on the focus of the
profiles (more IT than medical), the planned level of the training as well as
the expected final outcome of the project. 

French AAL sector is on the way

Michele Delaunay French Minister for Elderly and Autonomy, in cooperation with Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Industrial renewal has launched the Silver Economy field by creating a special comitee on April 24th .
France has 15 Millions of elderly people and 900 millions in the world. This represent a large market that would lead Europe to 0.25 % of growth every year.
Silver Economy is represented by 600 companies, which will be supported by special actions from The Public Investment Bank (BPI)
Major leaders in the field of AAL are invested in this action such as Legrand, Orange, french Postal Service, Essilor or Toshiba with a large number of Start Up and SME all over the country.
A national (or international label should be created in next years to support the branch and ensure quality and adequation with users and market needs.
The e-jobs-Observatory clearly support those actions and will publish in next weeks professional profiles in the field of AAL and will publish Training guidelines for training organisations.
Professional roles profiles are under open evaluation at the moment on the e-Jobs AAL Corner http://www.e-jobs-observatory.eu/AAL_corner
Source: Usine Nouvelle