Join the final event of engAGEnt at the Cologne Education Fair on 20-21 September 2014!!

engAGEnt is coming to an end in September 2014. The results of this highly ambitious project will be presented at the 15th Cologne Education Fair which will take place on September 20th and September 21st, 2014. This fair offers plenty of opportunities for detailed and free information regarding VET training, further training or courses of studies for employees, job and training seekers, aspiring students, entrepreneurs, self-employed, HR managers in companies and ultimately for all « Education hungry « .
The project aim was to develop an advanced vocational training for professionals who are working in the environment of the new developing AAL technologies, enabling them to use AAL technologies reasonably as supportive tools in the care of the elderly.
engAGEnt will add an interesting feature to the overall intention of the fair. The project consortium will be present with a booth and will hold a presentation about the project achievements. Further details will be announced soon at the AAL Focus area of the e-Jobs Observatory.  

Join the AAL Consultant Pilot Training organized by the Hellenic Open University in Greece

The Hellenic Open University (HOU) through the Educational Content Methodology & Technology Laboratory (e-CoMeT Lab, organizes a short-term training program within the context of the European Project Transfer of Innovation – Leonardo da Vinci, named  » EngAGEnt : Development and validation of a curriculum for vocational AAL education ».
The training will help graduate students in the field of health care and related fields to improve their qualifications, by focusing on a rapidly emerging yet rather underdeveloped field such as AAL. In so doing the training aims at providing future professionals with better quality of vocational education in the AAL field and enhance their mobility in the area of AAL. 
The short- term training will be held on 30-31/5/2014 and 01/06/2014 and 5-7/6/2014, at the premises of Hellenic Open University in Patras, Greece. The training program addresses to senior undergraduate or graduate students coming from Departments / Faculties of Health Sciences or Departments / Faculties of Computing and will take place in two parts: 
  • Part A: 30-31/5/2014 and 01/06/2014: « Project Management » (in Greek) 
  • Part B: 5-7/6/2014: « Technical assistance systems » (in English)

Those who complete the training program will be able to discuss and implement AAL solutions to address individual needs of the elderly people (including technical knowledge and social skills).
You may find more information at the following website:  or you can send an email at the address:

Download the schedule of the pilot training!

eCult Skills at EVA2014 Florence

EVA 2014 Florence – Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts – is ‘the Foremost European Electronic Imaging Events in the Visual Arts’.

Created by James Hemsley some 25 years ago out of an ESPRIT project, the EVA International Conferences bring successfully together arts and technology. Vito Cappellini, Professor at the University of Florence, is the « spiritus rector » of EVA Florence who pulls all strings to populate the event with highest level participants and presentations.

eCultSkills, through EMF Secretary General Margaretha Mazura, was presented with a paper: « Linking a bipolar world: new jobs to bring ICT to museums », emphasising the  need to speak « both languages » to communicate between culture and technology (see presentation). Dr Mazura referred specifically to the Role Profiles that will be developed via eCult Skills to meet the demand of the market for technology-savvy professionals working in cultural heritage institutions and museums. The Osaka Museums (Japan) have already put into practice what eCult Skills tries to identify: Cultural « Communicators »; that is to say, young people that know about their cultural collection and the technology used to give visitors a new experience. « It is of absolute importance not to forget education and training, thanks for this initiative » said Marialuisa Stringa, president emeritus of the UNESCO Centres of Italy.

After this presentation, Margaretha Mazura chaired the session on EU projects and related networks and initiatives. Susan Hazan presented asa « premiere » the first official definition of a « Virtual Museum » at Wikipedia, stemming from the V-Must project. Dov Winer presented the Europeana Judaica, the Jewish contribution to Europe’s Cultural Heritage, emphasising the use of LOD – Linked Open Data and the importance to use interoperable formats for this purpose. At the Thursday networking session, James Hemsley pointed out the Tagcloud project and the potential a European culture cloud might offer.

The proceedings of the EVA 2014 Florence conference and workshops are published by Firenze University Press and will be soon available here.