The Számalk Vocational Training School (HU) develops 2 ICT training courses following the models of the e-Jobs Observatory!

The Számalk Vocational Training School in Hungary successfully completed the following two ICT training courses this spring:

–  Web-marketing and

–  Web-ergonomics.
The teaching materials are based on the internet – related Job Role Profiles and Training Guidelines of the e-Jobs Observatory. The pilot trainings were organized by the Hungarian Association of Content Industry at the Számalk Vocational Training School in the the first half of 2013.

More information (in HU).
More information (in EN).

Commission launches ‘Opening up Education’ to boost innovation and digital skills in schools and universities

More than 60% of nine year olds in the EU are in schools which are still not digitally equipped. The European Commission on 25 September unveiled ‘Opening up Education’, an action plan to tackle this and other digital problems which are hampering schools and universities from delivering high quality education and the digital skills which 90% of jobs will require by 2020. 

To help kick-off the initiative, the Commission on 25 September launched a new website, Open Education Europa, which will allow students, practitioners and educational institutions to share free-to-use open educational resources.

What are the 20 jobs of the future?

Curious to find out which jobs are going to be dominant in the future? 

From Productivity Counselors to Corporate Disorganisers, the list most probably has something for you! Some of these jobs exist now but will come in greater demand soon; other do not exist yet but their a strong potential for their emergence in the future!