Moving Europe beyond the crisis: country-specific recommendations 2013

On 28 June 2013 the European Commission adopted recommendations to EU Member States designed to move Europe beyond the crisis and strengthen the foundations for growth. These recommendations are based on detailed analyses of each country’s situation and provide guidance to governments on how to boost their growth potential, increase competitiveness and create jobs in 2013-2014.
A major challenge is to tackle rising unemployment, especially youth unemployment, by increasing the use of active labour market policies or by reforming education and training systems to make sure jobseekers are equipped with the right skills for the jobs we have. More can also be done to create the conditions for businesses to invest and create jobs, including by improving competition in product and service markets and promoting investment in research, innovation and resource efficiency.

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European Alliance for Apprenticeships

The European Alliance for Apprenticeships brings together public authorities, business and social partners, VET providers, youth representatives and other key actors such as chambers in order to coordinate and upscale different initiatives for successful apprenticeship type schemes. There are three strands of action:

Apprenticeships and work-based learning appear to ease the transition from education and training to work. Boosting the quality and supply of apprenticeships is therefore one of the EU policy initiatives to address the unprecedented levels of youth unemployment. The Alliance will also support delivery on one of four options in the Youth Guarantee.