The latest US Green Power rankings have been released, but where’s Google?

The US Environment Protection Agency has released its latest quarterly rankings of US green power users. The leading players in the overall October rankings are similar to those for July, with Intel and Microsoft representing the IT sector in first and third places respectively. Other ICT companies in the top 50 mostly keep similar rankings to the last quarter: Cisco (17), Sprint (25) and Dell (38) – with the exception of Google, previously in 46th place but now no longer in the list.

« Ideas of IT equipment tolerances to heat are archaic » the Green Grid

The Green Grid, the non-profit industry consortium aimed at improving resource efficiency in data centres, has released its Data Centre Efficiency and IT Equipment Reliability report. This latest research looks at the robustness of modern IT equipment, along with new practices that enable data centre operators to reduce and eliminate the need for air conditioning.

More information about Data Centre Efficiency and IT Equipment Reliability report.

EnviroTech Report cleantech news digest launched

The GRIN-CH consortium is pleased to share with its readers the EnviroTech Report, a weekly roundup of information and analysis on the broader cleantech sector. It covers everything from renewable energy generation to e-waste management, including electric vehicles, smart grids, green ICT and much more. The information is taken from a wide range of Twitter, blog (including this one) and news sources from like-minded individuals and organisations.

Google implemented Green IT measures and saved a billion dollars

On 9 Octobre 2012, Google invite several organisations to a conference about energy transition. It aimed to present the measures taken by Google about energy consumption and the reduction of its carbon footprint. All the informations were already on
Among the measures presented:
  • the famous Finnish datacenter that is cooled with seawater
  • The widespread use (one third of their consumption) of electricity from renewable sources or through the purchase of green certificates, or by direct implantation wind farm.
  • Carbon offsetting. According to Google, their power consumption in 2011 was amounted to 2,675,898 MWh, or 1.3% of global consumption of Datacenters.

According to Google, the measures implemented allowed them to reduce the electric bill of around a billion dollars. And obviously, it’s good for their image.

Switzerland at the top of Europe-dominated Global Innovation Index 2012

Thanks to a large number of patent applications to the latest Global Innovation Index (GII), Switzerland is marked as the most innovative country in the world. Switzerland is placed number 1 in a list, which is dominated by European countries.

Apart from Switzerland, five EU member states took top-ten positions: Sweden followed Switzerland in second place, Finland and Denmark came fifth and sixth respectively, whilst the Netherlands and United Kingdom came ninth and tenth.

The index also showed a marked geographic division between European countries, however, with western and core countries outperforming their eastern and southern neighbours.

According to Francis Gurry, Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), « Innovation is central to economic growth and to the creation of new and better jobs. It is the key to competitiveness for economies, for industries and for individual firms.« 

Belgium: €750,000 to help computer game developers

The government of Flanders announced this month a fund of €750,000 to help computer game developers. The fund will be administered by the existing Flemish Audiovisual Fund, to which developers seeking assistance can apply for grants.

The fund is an initiative of Flemish education and youth minister Pascal Smet and innovation minister Ingrid Lieten, whose office explained that the money was available for both educational and recreational games, with a view to spurring the growth of the games industry in Flanders.

iMinds The Conference: join forces at the crossroads of Media and ICT

In order to develop a comprehensive approach to the digital society and economy not only governments, but also industries and research communities need to join forces and interact to ensure maximum cross-fertilization.

iMinds The Conference is iMinds’ yearly networking conference, open to anyone with an interest in ICT innovation: researchers, entrepreneurs from large and small companies, venture capitalists, civil servants, politicians and creative individuals with different disciplinary backgrounds.
Inspirational keynote speakers are alternated with hands-on workshop sessions and debates on the different challenges that lie ahead to enable a truly knowledge-based society. An ambitious and visionary solution is required to achieve targets in the long term. This can only be obtained if technological roadblocks are overcome through multidisciplinary and open innovation approaches. We therefore offer an interactive program combining inspirational speeches with thematic tracks and lots of high level networking.

Enquête Nationale relative à la formation continue aux aides techniques et dispositifs technologiques de l’habitat

Tous les acteurs français de la formation professionnelle continue sont invité à participer à une enquête nationale sur les aides techniques et dispositifs technologiques de l’habitat qui contribuent à l’autonomie et à l’amélioration de la qualité de vie des personnes handicapées ou âgées. Cette enquête s’inscrit dans le cadre des actions de CEN H&L, Centre Expert National Habitat et Logement, et a pour but de dresser un état des lieux des formations aux aides techniques et dispositifs technologiques de l’habitat. 
Elle se concentre uniquement sur les aspects relevant de la formation professionnelle continue dédiée aux aidants sociaux, médico-sociaux, professionnels de santé, du soin à domicile et de la compensation, ainsi qu’aux artisans, professionnels du bâtiment et du cadre bâti.
Vous avez jusqu’au 26 octobre 2012, moment du recueil des données de cette Enquête nationale. L’analyse qui résultera de l’étude devrait rendre compte des formations existantes et proposer des orientations en matière de formation. Les premiers résultats nationaux seront disponibles au cours du premier trimestre 2013.

« Jobs for Europe: Sectors with high job-creation potential »

The Commission held a major conference on employment policy, under the title « Jobs for Europe« , on 6-7 September 2012.

 »Jobs for Europe: The Employment Policy Conference – Sectors with high job-creation potential » is the summary report of that conference, within which, the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as determinants of competitiveness is outlined. 

According to the report, ICT is a sector where the lack of skilled workforce (the « ICT skills gap ») is the most acute. Therefore, acquiring, developing and maintaining ICT skills is vital in becoming and remaining employable. 

Moreover, it is one of the sectors of Europe’s economy that has been expanding even during the economic crisis: the number of ICT practitiones has been growing at around 3% a year. If currents trends continue, by 2015 there will be 700,000 unfilled vacancies in the EU for ICT practitiones.

Fairtrad is now supporting e-Jobs Observatory initiative!

Fairtrad is a committed agency offering high-level translation and interpretation services and applying fair economy principles: transparency, equity, respect for the environment, and social responsibility.
As a Language Service provider, Fairtrad offer translation and interpretation services in all languages combinations and in all domains. Regarding e-jobs, we offer SEO and localization services.
« Fairtrad decides to support the e-Jobs Observatory initiative to communicate on localization and create awareness about this specialization involving language and technical skills, which I believe will be more and more present among industries (medical and mobile devices, Internet and web, interactive supports…), and to help users recognize professionals. » Stéphanie Donatantonio, Fairtrad.
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