Jobs 2.0, the ones with the highest demand in 2011

The recent study from Inesdi, the Institute of Digital Innovation for Professions, in Spain, reveals that 78% of the students who finish their professional training are hired by companies to fill job positions related to 2.0 professions.
Due to the popularity of social networks, SEO techniques and SEM in the Digital Marketing field, figures such as Community Manager, Social Media Manager and Recruitment 2.0 have presented an increasing demand during 2011, in regard to other kind of jobs of the digital and development area.
Inesdi conducted a survey among its students in order to know the current situation of the labor market in the sector.  The analysis reveals that approximately 8 out of 10 students are hired by companies for new 2.0 professions after they have completed their training.
According to data from the study the level of entrepreneurship is positive: 37% of students have decided to create their own business. On the other hand, 56% of the students are hired by a company before completing three months of the completion of their training.

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Virtualization and Cloud Computing Forum (in Greece) 2012 (V&CCF)

The Virtualization & Cloud Computing Forum 2012 is taking place this year in Athens – Greece on April 14th, 2012. This event offers knowledge about virtualization and cloud computing, for those who are interested, such as key business and technology management. In this event many experts and IT professionals will participate stakeholders from all industry sectors. The V&CCF event is organized by Performance Technologies company, and supported by major international vendors active in the areas of virtualization, IT transformation and cloud computing. More information in:

High-level policy discussion: In a Cloud world – How do IT skills matter for Europe’s competitiveness?

The High-level policy discussion: In a Cloud world – How do IT skills matter for Europe’s competitiveness? will be held today (27 February 2012) in Brussels, organized by the Danish Technological Institute, Fraunhofer and DG Enterprise & Industry .
The event aims to invigorate the eSkills debate to ensure that Europe remains competitive in the cloud future and it is organised in three sessions:
-Cloud Visions: Why we need to be talking about skills?
-Developing tomorrows eSkills, training tomorrows IT professionals
-Policy approaches for the future: a call for action
The event will also serve to launch the report: « Cloud computing – Cyber security and green IT – e-Skills for ICT practitioners and entrepreneurs« , which was commissioned by the DG Enterprise & Industry. 
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More information on the report will be soon added to this Blog.

e-reputation to increase recruitment opportunities

e-reputation is the new key for employment! Even in SME no recruiter will engage someone without checking his (her) name on Google ! In a recruitment process the manager evaluate the opportunities and the risks that he takes by recruiting someone. Nowdays nearly all recruiters look is there is anything who can show a risk for recruiting someone, the main tools used for this search are Google and social networks Linkedin, twitter, Facebook and Viadeo. When someone is not present at all, this light on the fact that the candidate has something to hide, or is not used with new technologies. photographs are also important to establish the e-reputation of a candidate, they show how this person is in a non formal environement. This demonstrate the accordance of the person between personal and professional life !

« e-nnovation 2012 »

e-nnovation is a Panhellenic Contest about Digital Innovation-Entrepreneurship for students. The contest aims to highlight the innovation and entrepreneurship of young people in digital areas of the Internet. Another goal of the contest is to discover new business ideas for e-business and new products or services. Sent your Business Idea until 4th April, 2012!

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Cloud computing entering the job descriptions of a range of non-IT positions

The last findings from Wanted Analytics show an enormous surge of cloud computing-related hiring over the last three months of 2011. During this time, employers and staffing firms placed more than 10,000 job ads that included requirements for cloud computing skills and experience. More than 2,400 companies posted job ads during this 90-day period and hiring demand grew 61% year-over-year.

Computer Specialists and Programmers are most commonly required to have cloud computing experience. However, as cloud-based software increasingly impacts additional areas of business, other fields are more commonly required to understand and work with cloud-based applications. Other jobs that most often include these skills in job ads include Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Customer Service Representatives, and Cargo and Freight Agents.

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A new project to investigate the skills and competences needed for Ambient Assisted Living jobs

A recently started project (CompAAL) investigates the skills and competences neededfor Ambient Assisted Living related jobs.  The ageing society will need a lot more specialised jobs than exist today. New skills profiles have to be set-up for professionals from various backgrounds, for example architects building AAL compatible homes, staff of ambulatory home care, and most of all IT specialists in order to enable them to design AAL systems and interfaces, to manage interoperability, as well as to create, manage and moderate social networks.
The project is funded by the Lifelong Learning programme of the European Commission. During 24 months CompAAL will generate:
  • A set of defined professions in the field of ambient-assisted living;
  • National qualification profiles in the field of professions in ambient-assisted living described by learning outcomes that will lead to
  • Comprehensive European qualification profiles;
  • Guidelines for training institutions complying with the principles of the ECVET

eJobs Observatory presented on FOM Lecturer`s Day 2012

The ProInterNet project and the eJobs Observatory will be presented during the 2012 FOM Lecturer`s Day taking place in Essen, Germany. This event is considered to be an information and interaction day offering the possibility to exchange opinions on research and transfer projects conducted by the FOM. In this framework, Michael Negri will present the PIN project on the so called « FOM Market Place of Research. »