14 new e-Job descriptions to improve training offers in EU

The e-Jobs Observatory platform now includes a new section on e-Jobs Profiles to provide information about ongoing work on e-jobs descriptions. The sections contains descriptive information about each job profile as well as the option to comment it. You can find here below the names of the first 14 new e-Job descrptions:

  • Digital animator /2D-3D specialist
  • Digital Media Designer
  • e-Learning Designer
  • Internet e-Comerce specialist
  • Internet Hotline Operator
  • Online Community Manager
  • Usability specialist
  • Webmaster
  • Web and multimedia master
  • Web content manager
  • Web content / multimedia developer
  • Web designer
  • Web Marketer
  • Web Seller

The profiles have been generated by the following initiatives:

-The EQF-Code project. The EQF-Code project aims at transferring and applying the European Qualification Framework and e-Competence Framework to Multimedia professions in the field of Content Development.
-The EQF i-Serve project. The EQF i-Serve project aims at helping training organizations to develop trainings that correspond to the needs of the industry and are based on emerging knowledge, skills and competences description standards that guarantee comparability across Europe. The profiles are based on the e-Competence Framework of CEN.
-The Council of European Professional Informatics Societies (CEPIS) under the EUCIP programme. EUCIP creates confidence in a pan-European skills standard for ICT Professionals, helps to close the IT skills gap, and increases the labour market value of certified practitioners.
CompTIA TechCareer Compass, a worldwide Information Technology (IT) repository for resources critical in attracting, training and developing properly skilled IT workers.

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BYDAS communication agency and Exsourcegroup two new e-Jobs Observatory platform supporters

BYDAS communication agency from Portugal and Exsourcegroup from El Salvador joined recently to the e-Jobs Observatory platform partner network.

The two new partners appear now in the « about » section of the site together with other supporters and they will acquire editorial rights which will allow to share information on the platform and participate in the restricted collaborative working group of e-Jobs supporters.

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IT professionals should develop their project management skills

Adding project management skills to their CVs could give a boost to the career of IT professionals. IBM encourages IT professionals to gain formal qualifications in project management in order to have a better overview of product development. IT professional with a project management background earn up to 10% more than their colleagues without this background.

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Disable 2.0 caring services goes wrong….

Louis van Proosdij Duport is a 43 years old french entrepreneur , he manages a startup in new technologies and support business creation and entrepreneurship. He created 4 years ago the Open Coffee Club where new webentrepreneurs, blue angels, lawyers and webconsultants meet. He participated as an actor to many workshops and roundtables about numeric economy with Francois Fillon french prime minister and other political deciders. Louis was also promoted by Microsoft with a presentation in the Microsoft magazine

After an accident 27 years ago, Louis is quadriplegic, with very few use of arms and fingers.

His handicap takes daily 2 hours of his time, to prepare for the the day, and to prepare for bed. He can drive daily an adapted car and has large autonomy for social and working life.
He his supported for caring services by a special service in Paris and new procedures have been set up few days ago changing totally his life, so now he his not anymore able to work as usual.
Have a look on his personal blog (in french language) this lead to a needed reflexion about integrating disable people in social and working life.

Social media architect one of the 6 hottest IT jobs

InfoWorld magazine scoured listings on IT hiring sites and talked with IT executives about the skills they’re looking for next year to define the 6 hot IT Jobs for the near future. The analysis shows 6 new job titles created to make IT more agile, more social and more tightly intertwined with business:

1: Business architect
2: Data scientist
3: Social media architect
4: Mobile technology expert
5: Enterprise mobile developer
6: Cloud architect

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The « community manager » bubble in Spain

The confusion over the role of the web community manager creates discrepancies in Internet communities all over the world. In Spain 60% of unemployed people would like to redirect their careers and the Community Manager is their favourite option.
Being a community manager has become fashionable but nobody knows why. Some charge 18,000 euros per year while others earn more than 45,000. Some design complex online communication strategies while others write text messages on Twitter. Some have 10 years of experienceand an MBA and others took only a shortcourse of a few hours. The profiles are very different but they one thing in common – their title: community manager!

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Relating national qualifications levels to the appropriate levels of the European Qualification Framework (EQF)

European countries participating in « Education and Training 2020 » have been invited to relate their national qualifications levels to the appropriate levels of the EQF and to indicate in all new qualification certificates, diplomas and Europass documents the relevant EQF level.

The results can be found in the « Compare Qualifications Frameworks » page, where it is possible to compare how national qualifications levels of countries that have already finalised their referencing process are been linked to the EQF.

The EQF portal also provides information on:

– « EQF implementation« 
– « Key Terms » that are agreed by all countries participating in the EQF
– « Documentation » such us legal text of the recommendation on the establishment of the EQF, other key policy documents and EQF notes.
– « Useful links« 
– « EQF Newsletter« 

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Serious game for initiation to computer use

The French Delegation for the Use of the Internet and « Cité des Sciences » have launched a beta version of a serious game named « Planet 01, Globert Digital Odyssey » which aims at familiarising people with the use of computers and the internet.

The game is based on the Internet and Multimedia Passport, an initiative to train and to attest basic skills in computer and internet usage.
The game trains in the use of a mouse, creation of a table, writing a simple text, and various actions needed to use a computer.
This game can be used online or in different digital spaces openly accessible in public organisations.

Recruiters seek IT Professionals as Agents show inadequate Grasp of Technology

An IT recruitment agency aims to persuade IT professionals to swap hands-on work with technology for a career schmoozing with employers and potential recruits.

Recruitment firm Robert Walters claims there is a shortage of recruitment agents that have a real understanding of technology.

« If you are a candidate for a job, one of the real questions about recruitment agents is, do they really know what they are talking about from a technology perspective? There are a lot that do it really badly, » said Jason Addicott, associate director at the recruitment agency.

The agency has begun what it describes as an intensive campaign to find IT professionals willing to make the move from the IT department into recruitment.

Recruitment will not suit all IT professionals. It needs people with strong communication and people skills, in addition to an understanding of technology, says Jason Addicott.

« Those at the top of their game can earn a six figure salary. For people who have reached a critical juncture in IT, it could a good opportunity, » Addicott said.

Stories of recruitment companies who have little practical experience putting forward candidates forward for unsuitable positions are rife within the industry.

In one case, a recruitment agent pressurised a systems architect to apply for an Oracle development job. The candidate did not have the right skills but the agent believed he was suitable after finding the word Oracle in his CV using a computer search, said Addicott.

Addicott, who made the move from IT to recruitment after studying software engineering, said he is looking to hire IT professionals with the technical knowledge and enthusiasm to succeed in recruitment.

Source: Computer Weekly