Internet & social networking as vehicles to find a job !

France Soir has published a news item about Internet and social networking, new ways to find a job. They also explain some factors that may spoil a jobs application or employment opportunity, such as mistakes or footprints left on the web.

Even if the analysis is not of academic quality, sections of this news article may open minds on best and worst practices to find a job on the Internet.

New Google dance scheduled

As Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important competencies required by companies in a recruitment process, (even for jobs which do not seem to require it) it is important to know that Google has started to improve the ranking process in the United States, with other countries to follow very soon in all likelihood.

Google declares that it is able to evaluate the quality of the content of a website, and will score this item with a high scoring level, in order to improve the ranking. Some tests have been done in the US and 85 % of websites with poor content were downgraded.

What technology wants

There is an thought-proking review of Kevin Kelly’s lastest book, and most interesting because it takes a healthy, and somewhat critical, look at both the text and its author. (Here’s the link.) Kelly, as one of the most outspoken advocates of technological progress, has produced a couple of books certainly worth reading. Whether he’s done it again in at present an unanswered question.

There is no arguing that benefits have been derived from modern technologies, but it is also possible to go somewhat over the top in one’s enthusiasm. The mere mentioning of the « net generation », for instance, causes some people’s hearts to beat faster, yet there is seriously little evidence to support the idea that one really exists (at least as most often described). Like too many other popular notions, the concept is more emotional than rational, increasing the possibility that it can be used for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps Mr. Kelly in all his enthusiasm should perhaps give that some thought.

5 Reasons Why Your Online Presence Will Replace Your Resume in 10 years

An article published in Forbes identifies « 5 reasons why your online presence will replace your resume in 10 years »:

1. Social networking use is skyrocketing while email is plummeting
2. You can’t find jobs traditionally anymore
3. People are managing their careers as entrepreneurs
4. The traditional resume is now virtual and easy to build
5. Job seeker passion has become the deciding factor in employment

Digital Greece 2020

“Digital Greece 2020 –” is a horizontal action based on the participation of active citizens from business, education, research and public administration. It gives the opportunity to all interested parties to address policy proposals to the central and local government, representative organizations, as well as the academic-research community with regard to the initiatives that have to be taken and the targets that have to be set for Digital Greece 2020.

The German ICT Industry – Looking Optimistic Towards the Future

  • The industry generates a sales voume of about EUR 123 billion annually
  • Market shae in Europe: 18.9%
  • It is the second largest market behind the UK (19.9%)
  • The sector imported EUR 38.6 billion in 2009, with ICT hardware products making up almost half of the imports
  • The German IT sector is a net exporter of IT services
  • The industry has a workforce of 846,000 employees
  • 73% of the German private households have internet access

With 82 million inhabitants, the German market is very attractive to foreign ICT companies seeking to increase their market share. The country is still a net importer of ICT products, especially of hardware and consumer electronics. According to BITKOM, 71 percent of ICT providers expect overall growth in 2010, with software houses and IT service providers being the most optimistic towards the future. Furthermore, 62 percent of communication technology suppliers anticipate a growth in revenues.


CeBIT 01/03/2011-05/03/2011 in Hanover – IT meets HR – Human Resources Forum 2011

Finding the correct employees and keeping them at your own company can be a challenge given today’s economic climate with its dynamic growth markets, shortage of technical specialists, and increasingly international competition for well trained professionals.
There are currently around 28,000 open jobs for IT specialists in the German economy. According to recent studies, the demand for specialists with certification from a technical school is due to rise over the next several years, further complicating the problem.
Working relationships are increasingly becoming fragile constructs that after just a few short years begin to lose relevance. At the same time, experts are required with increasing frequency for extremely specific niche topics. The crisis is over; competition for qualified employees is steadily growing stronger.
How will the ICT sector cope with this development? How can personnel managers find the right candidates given the complexities of today’s job market? And how can they maintain their company’s critical competitive edge for as long as possible?
The BITKOM conference « IT meets HR » at the CeBIT 2011 will bring together major decision-makers to discuss different strategies and concrete approaches to solutions. With representatives of the industry, we would like to discuss successful personnel management as well as strategies for securing the best minds for your company.
In addition trends, needs, and perspectives from the ICT job market will be explained. Social Recruiting and Employer Branding are among the other areas that will be analysed. What will most significantly affect the job market in the future and what results can successful compensation policies be expected to deliver? A diverse panel of industry experts will address these topics and others such as employee loyalty and health/fitness concepts. Finally, a panel discussion will provide a platform for exchange and questions.


eSkills Career Quiz

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This quiz:

  • Highlights some key end-user eSkills areas that are relevant for many careers
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