OECD IT report 2008: e-Content as important economic driver

The most recent IT report 2008 of OECD underlines the importance of the e-content sector for Europe’s economy and labour market. « ICT skills are an important contribution to growth […] Over 4% of total employment is in ICT specialist occupations, over 20% in intensive ICT-using occupations.[…] Digital content is a key factor behind the rapid growth of OECD broadband subscribers: from 68 Mio in 2003 to 251 Mio in 2008.And the growing number has spurred the creation of new content… »
Thus, it is important to put efforts into clear definitions of e-content professions and the training and educational environment to allow mobility of workers at equal conditions in Europe. EQF Code will be a small stone in the e-content mosaic, for the benefit of all stakeholders.
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